5 shoes every men’s must own:Shoes are very important.

5 shoes every men’s must own:Shoes are very important. post thumbnail image

Shoes are the very important part of men’s outfit. It leaves an everlasting impression and shows that you take effort and pride in the way you look. Comfort and style are two of the most important aspects to look in a shoe. I also believe that wrong pair of men’s shoes can make even the classiest outfit look trashy and the right pair can make the simplest outfit stand out.

  • Black Formal Shoes-

These are classic, stylish, simple and comfortable shoes. There are few things that don’t team up well with black.

I would suggest, especially if you are looking for just one perfect pair of black formal shoes that go with everything, then you choose a pair of formal shoe with mat finish rather than a shiny pair of formal shoes because it is more easier to pair with any outfit. 

  • Brown formal shoes-

Brown formal shoes look classier. They give a rich look and compliment most of your outfits very well.

Additionally, Since you are opting only for one pair of brown formal shoes I think you should buy it with some other design rather than getting the same black formal shoes in brown.

  • Sneakers-

Now the point is that these shoes are not sneakers you wear for running, training or to the gym.

I am talking about a nice and different pair of fashion sneakers that you use not for exercising but when you are stepping out for a day around town. The fashion sneakers work well with denims and chinos.

  • Boots-

         These have an allure and are extremely sexy. They have a little heel and statures making you look taller. Perfect for the guys conscious about their heights and definitely beats the lifts used to make you look taller.

  • Loafers-

Loafers are a pair of shoes that do not utilize a lacing. These shoes are in trend right now. You can wear loafer with chinos, shorts, jeans and even with formal trouser. Loafer looks sexy with suits, chino shorts. I would suggest every guy to own a loafer and complete his outfit.

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