5 Mistakes Every Men Must Avoid

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  • Full Sleeves Shirt-                            

Many people say that if you are skinny then you should wear full sleeves shirts or T-shirts. They are the part of the crowd, who are following the same thing. I would suggest you to always wear casual shirts by rolling up their sleeves. If you will wear the casual shirts without rolling their sleeves then it will look very ugly. So you should avoid wearing casual shirts without rolling the sleeves.

  • Oversize Clothing-

Next mistake is that fat people things that by wearing oversize clothes they will hide their extra fat, but trust me your body look bloated and you would look fattier in the loose clothes.

  • Crocs With Casual Outfits-

One more thing you have to avoid is crocs. Crocs are something Crocs is something that if you are at home or going to the market in shorts then you can try them, but if you are going for a casual day out then you should never wear crocs.

Crocs basically is defined as a beach wear. But if you are wearing it in your normal day then it is a very big mistake.

  • Casual Belts With Formal Outfits-

If you are doing this then you should stop it right now. Because casual belt cannot got with formal outfit. The belt which is thicker we call it a casual belt and the one which is thin, soft and sleek we keep it for formal wear.

  • Chelsea Boots with A Suit-

These both are rhyming very easily, but when you wear it they don’t rhyme in a good way because Chelsea boots is a semi-formal shoe which you can pair with casual outfit and semi-formal outfits but you can’t pair it with a suit, so you should avoid it.

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    Info goes with accessories also..

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