5 Short Men Style Secrets -make an illusion

5 Short Men Style Secrets -make an illusion post thumbnail image

If your height is small and short men want to make an illusion that you are long then try these tips-

  1. V-neck T-shirt.

Instead of wearing crew neck/round neck t-shirt, wear v-neck t-shirt because v-neck t-shirt make an illusion that our neck is big. Now this is not necessary that you have to wear only crew neck or round neck t-shirt.

Thing is that just wear v-neck t-shirt more as compared to round neck. But make sure that v-neck t-shirt should not be too deep.

  • Wear Long Sleeves T-shirts.

Instead of wearing short sleeves t-shirt wear long sleeves t-shirt. Reason behind this is that, when we wear short sleeves t-shirt our arms exposes which make an illusion that we are short.

If your height is small then wear long sleeves t-shirt because wearing long sleeves t-shirt our arms look long which make an illusion that we are long.If temperature is too high then you can fold your t-shirt till you elbow which looks more sexy.

  • Don’t Wear Untucked Shirt.

Don’t wear untucked shirt if your height is small. Just keep in mind that the more we will expose our legs the more it will give an illusion that our height is long. When we will wear untucket shirt then our legs are already covered, that’s why we look small.

  • Pattern

Just remember one thing, you can wear any pattern but you should avoid big patterns for eg: no big checks, small check will look sexy.

Talking about lines, you should not wear big and broad lines. Sleek lines will look sexy on short men.

Talking about colors then wear dark color as much as possible because dark colors will show you long and slim, but this doesn’t means that you are wearing only black color. You can try charcoal, grey, brown and many more.                                       

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